Curriculum Framework

Our curriculum is directly aligned to the Rhode Island Early Learning Development Standards (RIELDS).

We use Creative Curriculum to supplement teacher ideas and children’s interests

We acknowledge the four essential parts of a quality curriculum:






Teaching and Facilitating



We believe quality curriculum development is dependent upon an accurate and objective Child Assessment Plan, and that Family Engagement is just as valuable to an excellent curriculum as Child Assessment.
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  • Our teachers create warm, safe, and welcoming learning environments where children are able to actively explore and discover their surroundings.
  • We believe classroom materials should provide challenging opportunities to take a child to the next learning level, promote positive social interactions, accommodate all children’s developmental and ability levels within the classroom, be available for independent use and self-correction skill-building, and to support discovery, exploration, language development, motor skills, and cognitive and persistence skills.
  • Each classroom layout is guided by the ITERS (Infant/Toddler Environmental Rating Scale – Infants to Middle Toddlers) or ECERS (Early Childhood Environmental Rating Scale – Older Toddlers to Pre-Kindergarten) as well as DCYF licensing regulations.


  • Teachers utilize an assessment plan that informs curriculum planning. This framework guides all teachers to align their classroom curriculum to RIELDS.
  • We believe that children use PLAY as a vehicle to drive their learning experiences and enhance their skills.
  • To learn more about the Rhode Island Early Learning Development Standards, please click here.

Teaching And Facilitating

  • Our teachers are strongly encouraged to use Universal Design and Differentiated Instruction as methods for classroom curriculum planning. They give multi-level opportunities in order for all children to have the ability to participate within each activity.
  • Our teachers design their curriculum to include goals, materials needed, planned experiences, and intentional learning opportunities for each child.
  • With assistance from our Education Coordinator and Director, our teachers implement an integrated curriculum using the RIELDS learning domains and goals, individual child goals, and the goals and cultural values of each child’s family.


  • Our curriculum foundation is based on research and theory, which in turn informs our implementation of the Early Learning & Development Standards along with Creative Curriculum.
  • We focus on Howard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligence Theory as children learn and develop in their own way, at their own pace, according to their ability level. Various learning styles include visual-spatial, bodily-kinesthetic, musical, interpersonal, intrapersonal, linguistic, and logical-mathematical.
  • Providing children with different ways to learn a concept or skill increases their chances for success.

Child Assessment Plan

The Academy uses the online assessment tool, Teaching Strategies Gold (TSG).

This allows teachers to take pictures, videos, and notes of children during and after play. The data is uploaded to each child’s individual, private portfolio.
A teacher who is taking ongoing observations and pictures will be able to view a child’s portfolio and create a child-specific report. This allows the teacher to see areas of strength and need of that child. Once areas are identified, they can be addressed.
If a child seems to be struggling with gross motor skills, the teacher can create and adapt plans that will address that concern (by incorporating more movement activities, creating obstacle courses, doing yoga, etc.)

Family Engagement

We believe families know their children best and can provide insight into how we can best help them.

Our teachers use enrollment and transition questionnaires to gain knowledge not only about the students and their needs, but also about goals and hopes that each family possesses.
This type of information can also be shared at conferences and through verbal and email exchanges. Our teachers use this information to ensure a seamless transition during drop-off and pick-up times.
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Our Students And Parents Say...

“Great place! Awesome staff and teachers. My son loves it - even wants to go on the weekends.”

Catharine Weidemann, Lincoln

“I drive 45 minutes to work everyday because Academy for Little Children is such a wonderful place to work at. The owner, the director, and the staff at Academy for Little Children, are such loving, caring, and dedicated people. I have met such wonderful children and their families here as well. I’m honored to be part of their team.”

Cynthia Archambault, Lincoln

“Adam loves it, he used to cry everyday at his old school. Now he loves to go to school! You guys are a blessing!”

Mendy Fordham-Jrid, Lincoln