Toddler Daycare

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Academy for Little Children

Enables physical development in early childhood

Middle Toddlers (18 months to 2 years)

Older Toddlers (2 to 3 years)

Daycare for Toddlers

(18 months to 2 years)

As children move up to this classroom, they begin to grasp the concept of a routine where there is a set schedule for AM/PM snack, lunch, nap, group time, music and movement, activities and outside time.

Our focus on developmental goals for this classroom are social and emotional development where children begin to initiate play with peers, express preferences and respond to redirection, language and literacy where children begin using sounds for many purposes, repeat words with prompting, and utter 2-3 words sentences.

As the children get ready to move on to Older Toddlers they begin to show knowledge of routines, participate in cleaning up with assistance, and begin showing interest in self-care routines (jackets, hand washing, etc.).

Daycare for Toddlers

(2 to 3 years)

In this classroom, the children have potty training incorporated into the daily schedule. As needed, the teachers will work with families regarding when to start the potty training process and come up with a plan of action that works for both the children and their families as well as the teachers in the classroom. There is a changing table area for those in diapers or pull ups.

Our focus on developmental goals for this classroom are physical health and motor development where children begin to show interest in using the toilet, washing hands with assistance and begin participating in self-care routines such as getting their lunch box, using utensils with little spilling, putting on their jacket with assistance and cleaning up after themselves, and social and emotional development where children begin to develop friendships and preferences.

As the children get ready to move on to our Preschool classrooms they begin using writing and drawing tools purposefully, begin to recognize their names, and manage classroom rules and routines with occasional reminders.

Our Students And Parents Say...

“Great place! Awesome staff and teachers. My son loves it - even wants to go on the weekends.”

Catharine Weidemann, Lincoln

“I drive 45 minutes to work everyday because Academy for Little Children is such a wonderful place to work at. The owner, the director, and the staff at Academy for Little Children, are such loving, caring, and dedicated people. I have met such wonderful children and their families here as well. I’m honored to be part of their team.”

Cynthia Archambault, Lincoln

“Adam loves it, he used to cry everyday at his old school. Now he loves to go to school! You guys are a blessing!”

Mendy Fordham-Jrid, Lincoln